Rapid Sitemaps v2.1

Rapid Sitemaps v2.1

The Google search engine has released a new service allowing...

The Google search engine has released a new service allowing webmasters to submit a complete list of all the pages on their sites for inclusion in Google's index.

They call it Google Sitemaps (Beta). Simply put, you create an XML sitemap, using the format specified by Google, upload it to your server, and notify Google about the file.

Google will download that file, and based on it's contents, spider your site and update it's index. Rapid Sitemaps was designed to quickly and easily create these sitemaps, exactly according to Google's specifications, without you having to know anything about XML, Google's specifications, or anything else technical.

We've tried to make it both easy to use and versatile, to make creating your Google Sitemap XML files as simple as possible. Features:5 Import MethodsSpidering your live site can be very slow, and use up a lot of bandwidth, so we've included 5 methods for importing your files:Import an existing sitemapSpider your live siteSpider a mirror or development site on your local networkSpider a copy of the site on your harddrive (static html sites only)Import files directly from your harddriveFiltersThere may be times when you don't want to include certain files or folders in your sitemap; you might have printer-friendly versions of your pages that you don't want indexed, or you might have a script on your site, that redirects visitors to other sites.

Rapid sitemaps allows you to set up filters for your spiders, to exclude any files you don't want. Complete control over file attributesRapid Sitemaps gives you complete control over every file in your list, allowing you to manually add or delete files, and change the priority, last-updated date and change frequency, either on a file-by-file basis, or for whole folders at once.

Upload via FTPYour Sitemap file does no good on your local computer, so Rapid Sitemaps has the facility to upload the file to your live server using FTP.

Notify GoogleOnce your sitemap is on your live server, you need to let Google know about it, and Rapid Sitemaps lets you do this at the click of a button.

Yahoo! URL listsYahoo! has released something similar to Google's Sitemaps system, that allows you to submit a simple list of URLs to Yahoo! for indexing.

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Rapid Sitemaps v2.1


Rapid Sitemaps v2.1

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